Numbers listed in the left hand column of the table denote the approximate number range and the relevant production years are in the righthand column. "Low Pitch" is indicated alongside the serial number. There are no dents, no scratches, the engraving is crisp and looks fresh, see pics. It has been reported that Holton serial#s that have an "R" following the number means that it was made by Yamaha. The sax is silver plated and has the Serial Number Eb, 34225, R, L P. Inscription in the front of the horn is "Made by Frank Holton & Co. ELKHORN WIS". etc. Page 32-It's been pointed out by a few people here, including Bruce Bailey, that Holton sax serial number lists on the internet are not correct. frank holton 10975 Is Similar To: 27270 Vintage Frank Holton Co Elkhorn Wi Soprano Sax Bb Lp Metal Mouthpiece (52% similar) Comes exactly as shown in pictures if it is not shown then it is not included please read condition description prior to purchase....(posted on December 3rd, 2016); 30444 Frank Holton Alto Saxophone … In the future, it might be possible to make a better list of serial … Here are the serial numbers from following early 'pre-Elkhorn' alto-saxophones, engraving:"Made by Frank Holton Co … A fancy goldplated Holton "Rudy … The third and fourth digits reveal the last two digits of the date; for example, 1272903 = 1972, 12781317 = 1978, and … Frank Holton Company, makers of the "Holton" trumpet, trombone, French horn, and euphonium; Holton-Arms School, a private girls' school in Bethesda, Maryland, near Washington, D.C. Houlton (disambiguation) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Holton. As the war ended, the Holton Company saw steady growth. I have a Martin Soprano Sax Low Pitch, silver plated, handcraft, serial number 72471. My Holton bari has a Lyon&Healy serial# too: B 202699. Plays beautifully. Another saxophone, 5,7xx, recently on eBay, which is clearly pre-1933. The "RW" model is one of the more popular. Unfortunately, these horns have questionable intonation at best, odd keywork and … Yellow brass with a fine patina. The serial numbers on the Holton saxes can be misleading online. It's a heavy horn with a big sound. We have this vintage Holton alto saxophone for sale. Serial Numbers – There are numerous serial numbers lists for Holton instruments on the web today, so the list below I’m not confident on who to attribute this list to. Holton is a brand owned by Steinway Musical Instruments' Conn-Selmer division. We have in our store a BEAUTIFUL Frank Holton Co. Silver Tenor Saxophone. The serial# on my L&H bari: B 202007, both were made in 1928 in LaPorte just before Lyon&Healy sold the factory to Frank Holton. This classic instrument is in excellent condition, fully original and ready to play with some minor adjustments. Martin made stencil saxes for Frank in 20s/30s, and All Experts mentions one with SN - 188255. In 1964, after pressures to offer a complete range of woodwind instruments, the Holton Company sold to G. Leblanc … Low pitch and some remarkable additional keywork.This saxophone is 100% overhauled and checked in our workshop. Specifications:Key: EbFinish: lacqueredYear: 1914Serial no. Holton company copied Evette-Scahffer "Apogee" key system from 1908. Eb SN# 19976 LP. This amazing vintage trombone from Frank Holton is the Revelation model, and looks to date to approximately 1925 based on the serial number charts I’ve found. "The Holton saxophone Pads is the longest wearing, best covering pad used on any Saxophone. : Holton Loyalists). Rudy Wiedoeft (the king of the saxophones in the 20's - 30's, popular music) played a Holton and worked for Frank Holton Company as well. Founded by Frank Holton, a trombone player in 1898 in Chicago, Illinois, the firm built brass instruments in Elkhorn, Wisconsin from 1918 until 2008 before moving all current production to Elkhart, Indiana and Eastlake, Ohio. The C melody was part of the series of saxophones pitched in C and F intended by the instrument's inventor, Adolphe … Features: - Circa 1915 - Yellow Brass - Low Pitch - Handmade … But since the saxophone seems to be very much older, we are interested in finding out the background of the sax. Frank Holton C Melody Saxophone, serial number is 16*** puts manufactured date of 1924. A collector's joy - The Frank Holton Company operated in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA. Elkhorn Indiana is also engraved on the bell. The sax is in a beautiful satin silver finish. This C melody was just fully restored at Beeman Brass Works in Cleveland, OH. This is your chance to own a vintage, one of a kind, restored … - at least that's how I understand it ? Also the sax may need some work other than that its a nice vitage melodic saxophone … The original business was a used instrument shop owned by Frank Holton, a trombone player, in Chicago, Illinois, started in 1898.The firm built brass instruments for ten years in Chicago, then in Elkhorn, Wisconsin from 1918 until 2008, when production of Holton … Features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone … According to the serial number list I have for Holton instruments, this serial number would put it at 1929-1930. It would also explain a martin SN as opposed to Frank - probably a special order. There should be a model name on the bell or on the mouthpiece receiver. Frank Holton began producing saxophones in Chicago (Revelation model) probably 1917 (Reference:Leblanc). Holton History The Frank Holton Company of Elkhorn, Wisconsin is one of the earliest saxophone makers, with the Rudy Wiedoeft model being the most famous model that they produced (the Elkhorn being one of the more infamous). We hope that you may be able to assist us. The Holton from the 10´s and 20's has hard soldered toneholes. If the sequence starts in 1927, then 5,700 instruments by 1932 makes sense with a staff … The horn sports some truly amazing engraving, with fancy work all the way up the bell, with two beautiful butterflies on the sides of the bell, and even some marvelous … Frank Holton Company- Alto Saxophone- e Flat- Serial# 10514 Serial Numbers from 9321- 12336 appear to date 1922 Great Patina- Complete without case- As is condition The instrument has'nt seen the horn man so assume restoration is in order Made in USA- Elkhorn. The Frank Holton Company operated in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA. 1972 … I am the original owner (got it when I was 9); it is in excellent condition. The C melody saxophone is a saxophone pitched in the key of C, one whole tone above the B-flat tenor saxophone.In the UK it is sometimes referred to as a "C tenor", and in France as a "tenor en ut". Made in Elkhorn, Wisconsin in 1915. : … So I'm trying to sell my saxophone (regretfully) and cannot figure out what to even ask for it. Condition is Used. It is a Frank Holton & Co. Collegiate clarinet, Serial Number 1503. 1964: The company acquires the Frank Holton Company. I have a clarinet bought around 1967. It comes with a Bach 6 1/2a mouthpiece, but no case. I had her cleaned, re-corked and re-padded. In the 1990's, Keilwerth stenciled a saxophone for Buffet called the "Expression" and that model has a Keilwerth serial number. Holton is a brand owned by Steinway Musical Instruments' Conn-Selmer division. It is a Frank Holton Eb silver saxophone. Melodic C Saxophone, Frank Holton,, Elkhorn, Wisconsin. During the 1970s a date code was put into the serial number. To help this problem, I'm starting this registry. 1. The production in Elkhorn began spring (prob. Those numbers (202xxx) on Holton saxophones are rare exceptions that cannot be found in the Holton Serial # Chart. - created by saxophone players for saxophone players. As for the mouthpiece question, that's a tough call. Holton Trumpet Serial Number Chart b84ad54a27 [^ United adobe premiere cs5 crack download Census axmag 2 48 keygen download 1910 (track M5, city of Chicago, Illinois) ^ crack the sky white music album cover b "Frank Holton" (obituary), The Sheboygan Press, 17 April 1942upon their arrival. YANIGASAWA SAXOPHONES: During the 1970′s, the 3rd and 4th digit of the serial number indicate the year of manufacture. Vintage Saxophone Serial Numbers A compilation of serial numbers of the most popular manufacturers of the 20th century Just wondering what it's approximate value is. Throughout World War II as most manufacturers did, the Holton Company turned to making components for the military. Not sure if the mfg date is accurate but thinking 1925? 1989: A 65 percent interest in the French parent is acquired. Also be aware that the serial numbers below weren't just for C-Melody saxes, each instrument produced was assigned a sequential unique number, so (for example) in Jan-1924, 60993 could have been a Tenor Sax, 60994 a C-Mel, 60995 a Soprano, etc. The serial numbers on the Holton saxes can be misleading online; but study the added features, left side bell keys(a 1930s sax-common change), and you'll see that the timing on this is correct. 1993: A U.S. firm completes the acquisition of Leblanc S.A. 2000: B&s Saxophone Serial Numbers Leon Leblanc dies; the U.S. plants are … April 1918; Ref. 1971: The company acquires the Martin Band Instrument Company. Everyone please list the number on your horn and specifically what the features are. Please see pictures sax has some bell damage does not affect the way playong . 2. Over 100 company's databases containing dates of manufacture of musical instruments. [8] A small, but significant, percentage of all Buffet and/or Evette-Schaeffer woodwinds in the 1900-1930 range (or so) were Conn stencils and do not have Buffet serial numbers. It sure would be nice to have an accurate list. It is a vintage Frank Holton Silver plated horn with serial number 90574 and a curious 1 1/2 number engraved on 2nd valve above the serial number 980574. The pad is made of 2 sections of hard "Wooltite" felt with a piece of waterproofed cardboard between to prevent moisture traveling from one piece to the other. Made in 1914 by Frank Holton in Elkhorn, Wisconsin (USA). In 1942, Frank Holton passed away. Vintage Frank Holton alto saxophone.