Plum trees are of the genus Prunus, and there are many species of ornamental and fruiting plums. June Plum are very easy to grow tropical fruiting trees that and seem to grow best when neglected. It can be easily maintained, will reach a mature height of 6 to 8 feet and accessible to USDA growing zones 4-11 (potted) / 9-11 (outdoors). They thrive in alkaline, acid or neutral soil. June Plum, also known as Ambarella, is a tropical fruit tree that bears large, oval shaped fruit. 7g June Plum aka Jobo Plum. Origin – Polynesia; Introduced – Portuguese; Dicotyledonous plant; About 1 – 1.5 m height; Leaves – Conical shiny leaves Leave the plum pit outside through the winter months and watch for any sprouting; thereafter, keep the new plant moist and watch it grow. June Plum/Golden Apple Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Spondias purpurea is a species in flowering plant in the cashew family, Anacardiaceae, that is native to tropical regions of the Americas, from Mexico to Brazil.It is also very common in most of the Caribbean Islands. Plum trees start bearing fruit southern states in June. The fruit on the June Plum will grow in pairs and can be eaten when the fruit is green allow the fruit to fully ripen to a golden-yellow. Make sure that your soil has a pH of 5.5 to 6.5; If possible, try growing the European variety, as they are self-fruiting and don't need to plant several trees to get fruit. Of all the stone fruit trees, plum trees are the easiest to propagate from cuttings. Plum trees need well-draining soil to get established and grow quickly. Plant plum trees during the dormant season, before growth starts in late winter or early spring. Poppies will grow in most soils but for the best results grow in a well-drained soil in full sun. After that, take a glass of water and put your seeds inside for a night. and by the way after growing whatever it is from a monsanto seed you cant grow it again from the fruit, it's a one time thing. Remove the pit from the fruit and wash it well to get rid of any leftover fruit. It’s important to choose a type of plum that will work with your location. Botanical name – Spondias dulcis; Common name – Dwarf Ambarella; Other names – June plum, golden apple, Ambra, Amra. If those seeds are spondias purpúrea, they don't grow from seed. June Plum is native to Polynesia and other subtropical to tropical regions. The recommended method of plum tree propagation is from cuttings. There are three major categories of plum trees: European, Japanese, and American hybrids. please make sure to get organic seeds. First, place a plum pit on a windowsill for several days to dry and then use a nutcracker to get the seed. Bare-root plants usually establish better than container-grown trees. don't you know that they are a major gmo corporation! I'll plant the seeds of this small pear & then buy a regular sized pear from the grocery store to compare the 2. In addition, plant one American plum for every four hybrid plums to give yourself the most production. 7g trees are $85 when available: contact us for details. and 4 years to have fruit. deep. Let the main stem grow to at least three feet tall before allowing it to branch. Description. Spondias mombin, also known as yellow mombin or hog plum is a species of tree and flowering plant in the family Anacardiaceae.It is native to the tropical Americas, including the West Indies.The tree was introduced by the Portuguese in South Asia in the beginning of the 17th century. It thrives in warm weather with cool (but not cold) winter temperatures. Re: Do Ambarella (June plum) seeds have to be fresh to germinate? Because of the slow growth rate, they are easy to keep pruned. Transplants can be treated and grown in pots just like any other fruit tree. Which group is best for you depends on your growing region and personal preference. Grow plum trees in moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Many of the European varieties are self-fruiting, which means that you only need to plant one tree in order to get fruit. Propagating by plum tree cuttings is more reliable and produces a fruiting tree much sooner. As … A cluster means you plant your trees closer together than usual. Welcome To Impromptu Tuesday.Aplologize for the late publish (Tuesday Evening) of this video feature. You may have to special order June Plum from a local nursery or try one of the specialty nurseries such as Logee’s (, or phone 888-830-8038). Plant in a sunny spot and watch them grow, providing delicious fruit for years to come. The fruit appears in pairs and may be eaten green when it’s tart and crunchy in salads or allowed to fully ripen to a golden-yellow when it has a sweet pineapple-mango flavor. "We had had a pear tree in our yard that had very small pears (about the size of a plum), a tree service was clearing trees & shrubbery from the yard & the guy suggested I plant the seeds! I have seen the plants for sale at Logee's, but it just seems like a waste to me to pay so much with shipping for a plant that can fruit in under a year from seed. It can even be container grown and kept trimmed to a modest 8-10'. Harvest the plums when ripe and juicy. Using the proper cutting technique, and with right potting conditions, plum tree cuttings can thrive in warm or cold climates. In very cold zones a containerized June Plum can be brought inside for the winter months. Growing peaches from seed isn’t difficult once you’ve gotten through the germination process. They are often eaten fresh, made into drinks and jellies that taste something like apple butter.