This example pertains to running on the Windows operating system only. I'm trying to capture the windows username of the person using the Web application from the client-side(browser). Integrated Windows authentication is most frequently used within intranet environments since it requires that the server performing the authentication and the user being authenticated are part of the same domain. Before we start looking at the code, let's understand what Basic Authentication is all about. So i have to login manually to get in (without autologon). Je cherche à obtenir le nom d'utilisateur de la session Windows connecté. I am using windows 7 Pro and the username/password are connected to AD. Get MessageId from Javascript 1 Answer JavaScript callback support in httpClient is not working 1 Answer How do I call a POST request with form parameters using Javascript callout ? Windows authentication permits the recipient to determine the user's identity. We need the user to enter their active directory (windows) credentials in the JS page and send the data via SSL to our services for authentication. 2 Answers APIgee to generate jwt token in javascript 1 Answer After you enable Windows authentication, you can use the [Authorize] attribute to control access to controllers or controller actions. But , if you know any other windows login on the remote machine , then you may run the SSMS as an administrator and give that credential . the same username and password in winlogon . EricCiz - if you are using Forms authentication, then can't you just store the username entered in the form for later use? benks21 20 septembre 2012 à 11:18:49. When the user calls a web page, a dialog box asking for his credentials appears. 2 years ago.